A photographer based out of Doha, who loves to click, cook & travel.

Meghna Shirish, International Professional Photographer who completed Masters in Professional Photography from IED Madrid. An Entrepreneur featured as one among the best 26 photographers in India for more click here. She has dedicated herself in creating art with images, imbibing keen observational and non-intrusive styles in her photographic techniques. She has worked in this field and assisted well known professional photographers like Amoghavarsha, Sethu Raman and Phalgun. She has attended workshops at Santa Fe Photographic workshops conducted by David Robin, Deanne fitzmaurice and Joe Mc Nally. Her works reflect flashes of their expertise along with her own trademark touch.

She has conducted workshops on photography through the Happy Camera Club across Bangalore. She has also conducted a workshop organised by Pixetra, in Kochi and Kalpataru, the hobby center in Chennai. She has completed over 100 projects in the past four years relying purely on just Word-Of-Mouth references, which goes to show the quality of work she stand for. Within a short period, she has now become a highly respected name among professional candid photographers. She has done projects for a number of eminent personalities and have been featured across magazines such as the “Better Photography” “Bangalore Mirror” and the “Wedding Sutra” online magazine.

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