Documentary Photography

Madrid pass a law forbidding people from smoking inside hotels and bars. The expectation was that people would not smoke as much without company and decreased smoking would in turn, lead to a healthier city.

Has it helped?

Smoking is compulsive. Lighting up is an addiction. Nicotine, a habit. A law can prevent but can never eradicate and what they say about old habits continues to remain true. A serial offender finds a way to subvert the law.

But is this happening because of the law or was this companionship between a human and a cigarette always present? Subversion has created an extra sense of loyalty to the butt. What’s more – Roads and streets are strewn with cigarette butts and empty packets. What sort of example is being set for the coming generation that’ll be forced to pick a perspective – between the law and an addiction. Does it indicate foggy times ahead or will it be a harbinger of a clear day?

Madrid continues to grasp and gasp, for an answer.

Skills: Night Photography Equipment: lensbaby edge 80